Partner Programs

Global trade is essential for every business's growth. Are you interested to help exporters to develop and manage their products in your country? ExportRim links local professionals to prospective exporters and importers from different countries. We built our partner programs to support aspiring professionals with all the essentials they need to get started. Discover the excitement, flexibility, and rewards of international business opportunities.

ExporRim ecosystem opens doors for new global trade activities and growth opportunities for exporters. As a partner, you can provide direct services to assist exporters in specific markets. You will receive mentoring and support from our leadership team to help you promote, monitor, and grow your business.

ExportRim Partnerships engage, connect and reward partners by helping businesses to develop and manage international trade. Partners can choose to participate in one or more programs based on their resources and expertise.

Partner Program Types
ExportRim offers two start-up programs to enable you to choose which model best fits your current expertise. You can elect to join additional programs when you develop more knowledge.
Affiliate Marketing
You can start earning commissions for each successful referral. This program helps publishers, bloggers, and influencers to monetize their traffic. Active partners are eligible for recurring commissions and bonus income.
Service Provider
This program is for individuals and companies that can provide services to assist, develop, promote, and manage international trade. Service providers are required to quote and complete projects to receive payments.
Start Part-Time and Build Your Business

You do not need to have any business experience or quit your current job to start as an independent partner. Sign up, learn, and earn additional income at your own pace.

When you develop enough knowledge, you can build a business with recurring income. Experienced partners can join our leadership team to mentor, train and provide support to new members.

Multiple Income Sources
Referral Commission
Earn commissions when members subscribe and purchase services with your referral code.
Service Income
Provide professional services to earn direct income. You decide the rates for your time and expertise.
Incentive Bonus
Reach preset targets to earn incentive bonuses. Bonuses are calculated monthly to ensure you get rewarded quickly.
Leadership Support
Qualified partners can recruit, mentor, and supervisory support to new partners to earn leadership income.
Global Networking Connections
In addition to earning extra income, partners are welcome to participate in global networking events. Meet business owners, trade delegates, and experts face-to-face to expand your business connections internationally.
Community Services
ExportRim believes strongly in giving back to society by reserving a percentage of revenue for local communities. As a partner, you can volunteer to help manage the fund, identify communities in need, and assist companies to donate surplus products to any underprivileged.
Start leveraging your knowledge and time on global trade
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