About ExportRim
Your Partner for Export Business in Asia's Fastest-Growing Economies
Welcome to ExportRim. We offer services designed to bolster your business in the fast-growing economies of the Asia-Pacific region. Our aim is to make your export operations both streamlined and profitable.
Service Highlights
Talent Marketplace for Global Trade

Connect with professionals in the international trade sector through our verified resources. Hire sales professionals, skilled experts or support staff for specific projects and industry.

Localized Sales & Marketing Channels

Tailor sales and marketing strategies to local demographics and preferences for both online and traditional channels. Promote and sell to targeted audiences for each market.

Virtual Representation

Optimize management control and reduce operational costs by leveraging our virtual representation services. These services facilitate remote operations in your target markets, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective business operation.

Insights from Local Industry Experts

Gain valuable insights and guidance from local industry professionals knowledgeable about their respective markets.

Market Incubation Programs

These programs are designed for businesses looking to introduce new products into target markets. With the help of our local experts, we'll assist you in product testing, feedback collection, and recommend adjustments to ensure your product fits the local market's needs and complies with its regulations.

The ExportRim Advantage for Your Export Business
Compliance Support

We guide you in understanding and following the legal and regulatory requirements of each market, making your business operation worry-free.

Up-to-Date Market Info

Stay informed with timely data that enables you to understand market trends and make informed decisions.

Track Your Competition

We provide insights that help you understand your competition, allowing for more strategic planning.

Local Marketing

Benefit from marketing strategies tailored to each local area, taking into account unique customs and preferences.

Customer Support

Our local teams help build and maintain strong customer relationships by offering personalized, local service.

Local Expertise

Our local industry experts offer advice that accounts for the unique characteristics and preferences of each specific market, even within the same country.

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