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ExportRim offers extensive and cost-effective options to manage export sales.

Sales Consulting

Sales agents approved by ExportRim provides complete sales consulting services and guidance on the full sales cycle in the local market.

  • Initiate Sales: ExportRim sales agents can assist in profiling potential customers, research market potential, and make initial contacts, including setting up meetings.
  • Develop Sales: After the potential customer is identified, ExportRim sales agent can move swiftly to generate substantial interest and identify the true needs of the potential customer.
  • Complete Transactions: If a potential customer shows genuine interest, ExportRim sales agent can negotiate business terms and secure the sale. ExportRim trade expert can then assist in export and delivery.
  • After Sales Service: ExportRim sales agent can be tasked to collect feedback and follow up on any issue following the sale. It can also assist in maintaining customer relationship to generate the next sale.

Sales Meeting

Successful export business cannot be achieved without trustworthy partners and customers. Asian partners and customers often make decisions on good first impression alone, and that happens often in meetings. ExportRim sales agent can assist in arranging and coordinating first and follow-up meetings with potential partners and customers, as well as being a business companion to drive a successful interaction.

Exhibition Service

Exhibitions are a visualizing and interactive way to showcase goods and service to potential customers in Asia. However, many contacts made at the show are not properly followed up. The lost opportunity could be costly, and ExportRim aims to reduce those lost opportunities.

ExportRim’s Exhibition service covers exhibitions search, registration, logistic arrangement, booth organization, and most importantly, prospect customer follow-up after the exhibition. On-the-ground agents will make their best effort to generate new sales leads during and after each exhibition.

Virtual Representative

Hire a virtual representative to manage the day to day export operation in a local market. The virtual representative provides crucial back office support, without the heavy cost of running an independent rep office. The range of back-office activities a virtual rep may take on includes:

  • Executing order requests from customers
  • Local point of contact for customers, government agencies, and other service providers
  • Administrative liaison for paperwork filing, accounting, translation
  • Assist in managing marketing and promotion, and coordinate with ExportRim’s approved marketing and advertising agents.

Depending on the needs, ExportRim can arrange one virtual rep for smaller export opportunities, and multiple virtual reps to cover larger export business and in multiple locations. Some of the virtual representatives may take on double duty as sales agents – check each profile for full details.

E-Commerce Presence

The leading growth driver in many regional markets in Asia is from eCommerce. While Asia has plenty bustling metropolis, outside of the urban area may have insufficient real estates infrastructure for retail. With improving the logistic system and expanding online payment service, eCommerce allows consumers even at more remote areas to enjoyed selections not available to them before. In urban cities, consumers rely more on eCommerce to take advantage of the convenience and more selections from around the globe. Consumers in the largest cities can even request eCommerce operator delivering within merely 12 hours after placing an order. To win market share in Asia, eCommerce is an element that must be considered.

ExportRim has a network of experts with deep knowledge of eCommerce operation across Asia, and can offer catered service to establish a region-specific eCommerce presence. The eCommerce experts can

  • Recommend suitable eCommerce platforms and conduct research on related categories
  • Develop plan to work with established merchants and/or create standalone account
  • Set up eCommerce operation, train dedicated team/share service representatives.

Digital Marketing

For new export entrant, digital marketing is the more economical way to promote to target niche market. This allows receiving quick feedback that is crucial to entering a new market, as well as the flexibility to improve tactics used in a campaign.

ExportRim works with a number of social media agencies across Asia. Many offers packaged plans, with a variety of execution methods and fees to cater to each regional market’s situation.

Social media coverages include popular chat platforms, online video sites and social networks.

Export Management

Destination Import Preparation

Export preparation could be tedious and time consuming, by can significantly reduce cross border risk. Preparation covers many different activities, and some are recommended even at preliminary, export opportunity consideration stage. All preparation are conducted by experienced export an import professionals.

Prior to export, some countries require mandatory preparation which can include:

  • Import compliance check
  • Restrict list confirmation
  • Application for import permits
  • Inspection and custom clearance arrangement
  • Patent and trademark conflict check

Export Execution

ExportRim works with trade professionals to execute each transaction with tailor made plan.
Typically, each export would cover:

  • Order confirmation and negotiation
  • Paperwork preparation
  • Custom clearance, tariff payment; quarantine if necessary
  • Container and shipment arrangement
  • Storage and delivery arrangement

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