ExportRim provides a comprehensive multi-lingual import/export platform to bridge international trades with Asian countries.

Language barrier is the most challenging barrier to reach key Asian decision makers. ExportRim platform allows you to post information in different Asian languages and can you can help you to communicate, follow-up and take orders.

There is no charge for a basic membership.

You can refer to membership pricing for more details.

If you receive an invitation, you can click the link in your email invitation to get started.

You can also sign-up as a new member:
1) Complete the online form
2) Choose a plan
3) Enter a referral code (optional)
4) Click the "Sign Up" button

First, you have to log in to your account. Select "Profile" from the side menu.

Go to the bottom of the Profile form page and click "Cancel my account".

An account is usually terminated due to misuse of the platform and/or violation of terms of services.

Misuse can include but not limited to false business listings, spam messages, bad business ratings and posting of misleading information.

You can contact us if you think that someone violated the rules without your knowledge.
ExportRim reserves the rights to review all your histories to re-activate an account.

Only manufacturers, producers or exporters can list their company information.
You can add your company in your account. Please refer to the User Guide for more details.

Yes. After you register, you can view listings, opportunities and information to make new business contacts.

You can list in all the languages supported on ExportRim.
We recommend you to use professional translation service to ensure proper writing to each target market.
Please refer to the User Guide to add your listing in different languages.

Only exporters are listed. Make sure you check the "Export" checkbox to indicate that you are an exporter.