Export Management

Streamline your export operations

Destination Import Preparation

Export preparation could be tedious and time-consuming, by can significantly reduce cross-border risk. Preparation covers many different activities, and some are recommended even at preliminary, export opportunity consideration stage. All preparation is conducted by experienced export an import professionals.

Prior to export, some countries require mandatory preparation which can include:

  • Import compliance check
  • Restrict list confirmation
  • Application for import permits
  • Inspection and customs clearance arrangement
  • Patent and trademark conflict check

Export Execution

ExportRim works with trade professionals to execute each transaction with a tailor-made plan. 
Typically, each export would cover:

  • Order confirmation and negotiation
  • Paperwork preparation
  • Customs clearance, tariff payment; quarantine if necessary
  • Container and shipment arrangement
  • Storage and delivery arrangement