Frequently Asked Questions » Listing
How to list my company?

Every member can list their company information. You can add your company in your account - check out "User Guide - Add Company".

Do I have to register to view listings?

Yes. After you register, you can view listings, opportunities and information to make new business contacts.

Can I list in multiple languages?

You can list in all the languages supported on this platform.
Please refer to the User Guide to add listings in different languages.
We recommend you to use professional translation service to ensure proper writing to each target market.

Why my company is not listed?

Only exporters are listed. You need to check the "Export" checkbox to indicate that you are an exporter.

What is the difference between a basic and featured listing?

A basic listing is usually used by small business to reach other small businesses.
A featured listing provides comprehensive details with multiple images upload.
Both type of listings use our standard layout to allow easy readability on both online and mobile platform.