Export Development

World Trade Organization forecasts Asia will continue to lead both export and import trade growth. The Asian market is essential for companies to achieve stronger financial performance and reduce country-specific trade risk.

Exporting to Asia requires understanding country-specific business practices, regulatory policies, cultural differences and local/global competitions allows you to develop strategic plans. Efficient execution and management need good local contacts and continuous customer relationship.

Expanding into a foreign market is essential for long-term business growth and risk diversification. ExportRim offers extensive and cost-effective options for companies to develop export sales.

Key services include:
  • Advise market dynamics, cultural differences, and local policies
  • Regulatory approval and permit application
  • Evaluate products market potential
  • Product and collateral localization
  • Arrange buyers to review samples
  • Shortlist, negotiate and secure local partners
  • Recommend trade shows and marketing events
  • Develop market entry strategies
  • Build and train a sales team