Kaihua Ruida Plastic-tech Co., Ltd

Tongcun Town, Kaihua County, Quzhou
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Phenolic Moulding Compound (Bakelite Powder), Urea Moulding Compound, Melamine Moulding Compound, Glazing Powder, Melamine Tableware, Melamine Bocce Ball
Since : 1984

Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd is located in TongcunTown, Kaihua County,Zhejiang, China. Close by the Qianjiang source and SanqingMountain bank. Whose predecessor is Kaihua electrical insulating material general plant of ZhejiangProvince . Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd founded in 1984,is one of the main manufacturing enterprises of urea moulding compound and phenolic moulding compound products. Company currently has over 400 staff with a floor area of 53.9 thousand square meters, owns such enterprises as Zhejiang Wanhua Melamine Products Co., Ltd and the Sino-US joint venture named Quzhou Qinyuan Plastics Co., Ltd . the primary products include : urea moulding compound , phenolic moulding compound , formaldehyde , melamine tableware , glazing powder,bocce and other nearly hundreds of varieties, Company’s manufacturing capability comes out top in the same business line in China.

Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd centering on the quality guidelines of “ Maintaining Strict Standards for Each Step, for Reaching Customers’ Satisfaction; Focusing on Sci-Tech Innovation, for Being the leader in this industry”, has constantly advanced the corporate staff training and improved the personnel quality awareness as well as service level since company’s foundation. Company has always promoted the internal management, increased the research and development of new products, and also the comprehensive strength of company. Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd has developed long-term cooperation relationship with ZHEJIANGUNIVERSITY, EASTCHINA UNIVERSITY of science and Technology successively, completing two nationally key products developing including anti-aging urea moulding compound and fast-solidifying phenolic injection moulding compound. These two respectively won the second and third prizes of science and Technology advancement awards in ZhejiangProvince. The “ WANAN YUAN” brand is honored with “ Provincial famous trademake”. Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd has passed the ISO2000 Quality Management System Authentication, whose main products have acquired the identification of America UL.