Misty Mountain Specialties

130 – 13900 Maycrest Way , Richmond
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Wild mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, dry mushrooms, mushroom powder, wild berries, gourmet food
Since : 1997

Founded nearly 20 years ago with a goal of providing the best sourced mushrooms from the exquisite Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, Misty Mountain Specialties has come a long way in reaching their customers – without ever compromising their original vision of supplying Natural, Forest Grown Mushrooms and vegetables to the National and International Marketplace. Through great attention to Service and Product Quality, Misty Mountain Specialties, continues to be the Chefs and Consumers First Choice for products, as more people discover how simple choices can make a positive difference.

Our wide variety of products includes Fresh and Dried Mushroom throughout the year. Along with our complete line of domestic mushrooms, we offer Lobster, Black Trumpet, Porcini, Truffles, Chanterelle, Hedgehogs, Morels, Chicken Of The Woods, Yellow Foot, Matsutake and Truffles, amongst others.

We are established in Medicinal Mushroom distribution, with Naturally Organic Reishi Powder, Dried Reishi Mushrooms and Dried Wild Chaga in Pieces or Powder.

In addition, we seasonally supply Wild Harvested Fiddlehead Greens, many varieties of Berries, Sea Asparagus and so much more.

Check us out for our range of Dry Mixes, Berry Flavourings and so much more.